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Day 1: Round 4

Well, I’ve had a crappy couple of weeks. Chemo is nasty stuff and the inevitable list of nagging side effects (unshakable fatigue, fog, hives, etc…) are getting me down. My body is rebelling and my spirits are flagging. The good news is that today is my last chemo round!!! Mary and I are headed to […]

Day 8: Round 3

Wow. I’m feeling SO MUCH better than I’d anticipated. Thank you for your emails, positive thoughts, and mashed potatoes! Chemo makes you weepy, reflective, and uber-cheesy. On that note, an article I stumbled upon last week articulated¬†my feelings about being on the receiving end of so much love. Here’s the snippit that grabbed me: Our […]

Day 1: Round 3

There is nothing like a celebration to lift one’s spirits. Yesterday was Mary’s birthday and we scheduled a few low-key activities, which culminated in a very small party. (Thanks B+M!) I love a birthday and hers distracted me from my pending gloom and doom. But this morning, I’m afraid there’s no more putting it off. […]