8 responses to “Coming Home to Myself”

  1. Nan & Tom

    Thank you, Catherine for sharing your journey. We wish you a sweet “homecoming.” Thinking of you,
    -The Fitzs

  2. Christie

    welcome home Catherine.

    i’m glad you’re staying true to yourself and ignoring those stupid breast cancer stylistas. how dare anyone tell you how you should cope with your own personal experience.

    your grace inspires me.

    best wishes,

  3. Rosie

    Welcome home, Catherine! I loved reading this post. A strong spirit and connection with the subconscious can make miracles. Sending you good energy for the rest of the journey!
    Always Rosie

  4. Jane

    looking forward to class next fall when this will hopefully be behind you. Your yoga voice and spirit are wth me as I do my morning practice.

  5. Jeannette Moninger

    Powerful writing, Catherine. You certainly have a gift. Many gifts.

    I’m glad you’re on the mend, and I’m celebrating your chemo-less future with you!!! Exclamation points and all!!!

  6. Steph

    A late reply to this posting, but its so powerful that I had to respond. Coming home to one’s body. I’ll celebrate that process. Thought of you when I was practicing yoga this week…

  7. Micol

    hey lady, what a pleasure to see how much support you have, & how carefully loving you are to yourself in going on out there & getting it. that’s great about the chemo, too. let the healing unfold!

  8. Monica

    I just love your writing and how it connects me so deeply to your experiences. Welcome home with all the things that make it so…like warm chocolate chip cookies and lots of hugs (some virtual, but still good). My heart is singing for you: “Yay, no chemo!!!”

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