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  1. Beth

    I just pictured “A Room with a View”. On your next walk, make sure to put flowers in your hair.

  2. Beth

    FYI – it’s not really 3:30am. Although Caroline did just start crying.

  3. Laine

    Yes, yes, convalescence is so Helena Bonham Carter! (with the exception of her character in Fight Club).

    I remember first hearing the word spoken when I was recovering from a surgery about 12 years ago. My cousin visited and said, “So how is the convalescent?” And my first thought was, “That sounds so…romantic.” (Though the opposite was true; I’d had gastrointestinal surgery which is the least romantic variety of surgery.) I’d never put the visual to it before, but HBC captures it’s essence perfectly.

    And it all makes me think of the romantic way I used to think of illness when I was young. It was all so Anne of Green Gables — my best friend would contract a very tragic heart ailment, I would nurse her back to health but in the process contract the heart disease and die while my good friend survives all due to my selfless tending and ministering.

    Illness is so often romanticized (even today in movies and serial shows and not just in HBC period dramas), but is the furthest thing from it. Illness, like most of the rest of life, is complex and messy and decidedly unromantic.

    I love the blog — if not the reason it exists — and I look forward to more.

  4. Mary Bryson

    hey Catherine,

    I love how ‘drains’ is now a tag on your entry. Yes. Those *&^%W drains. Amazing how a couple of feet of plastic tubing can be annoying and painful.
    I thought about you this morning – your previous entry — I put on black jeans and a white t-shirt and briefly caught a profile view in the mirror. And I had a really energetic “WOW – She is cute!” moment catching the boyish sight of the flat chest, white t-shirt, black jeans James Dean’ish silhouette.
    It’s been one and a half LONG years in coming – that appreciative glance of self on self.


  5. Clare

    So now hiking w/your dog in the woods is a lesbian thing? Better slap a rainbow sticker on my wagon and be done w/it.

    If you’re going to go full-on Merchant & Ivory (and yes, Helena Bonham Carter is kind of hot, even now in her always totally disheveled state), don’t forget to get out the good china and redo the sitting room in chintz.

    How’d the visit to the surgeon go? I’ll bet you’re a “model” convalescent, you overachiever you. With love, Clare

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