5 responses to “Going Flat: The Choice No One Talks About”

  1. Trisha Lynne

    Catherine, thank you for posting this. I’ll appreciate seeing more an more information being spoken about regarding this. The more information being made available, the better. This information can save lives from endless discomfort… or worse!

    Trisha Lynne (a flattie)

  2. Kathy Swan

    So glad to see this article. Although not being pressured, none of my acquaintances seem to acknowledge that going flat is a desirable option. Met with plastic surgeon yesterday and she was so transparent regarding the reconstruction details that my decision has been made easier. I appreciate her for that! I do not want a 10 month procedure, nor do I want loss of strength from cutting muscle. Or the scar tissue issues!! Planned to call surgeon today to set date and whether or not to reconstruct, so THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for confirming my exact thoughts!!!!!

  3. Bernadette Carling

    I’m so glad I came upon your article. Been doing a lot of reading about whether to undergo breast reconstruction or not. Being an ICU nurse, I see patients with simple surgeries done but with lots of complications that could follow. My surgeon was telling me that since I’m young (49 years old), I would benefit from breast reconstruction. With all that I’ve seen and read, I’ve decided not to do breast reconstruction. Thank you for your post!

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