6 responses to “Hormone Blockers: Why 25 percent of us ditch the drugs”

  1. Kayleigh

    I am so glad to see this post from you! For one thing, you are a great writer, but then add to that the fact that what you say is soooo important. Thank you for saying it so damn well. These are hard decisions and I wish none of us had to ever make them.

    1. Catherine Guthrie

      Thank you for the feedback. I’m glad my rage isn’t landing on deaf ears (or an empty blog-o-sphere 🙂

  2. Anne

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I struggled on tamoxifen for 7 months and had bizarre and crippling side effects. Like you, I don’t want to scare anyone, but it was BAD. My cognitive skills were affected, and I didn’t even realize that tamoxifen was the culprit until the surgeons took me off of it for a hysterectomy. My plan was to give myself two months off and then take Arimidex, but as the layers of damage wore off, and I realized just how bad it had been, and I did not have the nerve to take any more. Most of my docs are fine with my decision. It was a tough one, but the right one for me!

  3. Charity

    I am just reading this post, as well as your past posts, and I love your writing. I appreciate the honesty as well as the knowledge you impart. I, too, have had a bilateral mastectomy and chose not to reconstruct. I considered both sides long and hard and decided that I did not want to have additional surgeries. I am also taking Femara (well, I tried) and had the worst side effects. I am one of the women who are so scared to redevelop cancer that I will try anything. Not a good way to be. Thank you for your voice and your empathy. God Bless.

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