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  1. Mary

    Hi Catherine,

    It’s interesting the impact of point of view on knowledge and medical decisions. I faced this at every step along this breast cancer path, and found along the way interesting research that indicates a rise in bilateral mastectomy as a proactive choice. So much breast cancer research and standards of care are motivated by the SAVE the RACK at all costs mentality, whether real or fake, working or non-functional. I don’t think it even occurs to most of these practitioners some of us really are motivated by an entirely distinctively other set of values.

  2. Nan

    We are sending positive energy and healing thoughts your way. We wish you a safe surgery with no surprises and a speedy recovery. Recovery will no doubt be paced differently for your body, mind and spirit. Along this next part of the journey we offer support now and always. Thank you for keeping us updated with your blog.

    Thinking of you,
    Nan, Tom & family

  3. Clare

    Look forward to hearing from you on the other side when it’s all over, and wish I could hug you in the meantime. xo

  4. Cathy and Brendan

    Hey Catherine,
    We just wanted to let you know we’re thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way, tonight and tomorrow especially, and in the weeks to come. Thank you so much for this blog!! I too was a blog skeptic (referring to your first post), but what a gift to those of us who are concerned and want to follow your journey without being a PITA the night before… Wish we lived closer and could offer more tangible support. We love you guys!
    Cathy, Brendan and the kids

  5. Amy

    Dear Catherine and Mary,

    I will be thinking about you today. The only supernatural thing I beleive in is angels and I have sent all mine to be with you tday.

    xo Amy

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