7 responses to “The Chemo Verdict”

  1. Nan & Tom

    Hee Haw!!!

  2. kim

    super news!!!! (please note the exclamatory quad)

  3. charli

    Woohoo!!!!! is right.

  4. Yeidy

    Great news!!!

  5. Rosie

    That is amazing news, Catherine! Yeeeehaaaaawww!
    Always Rosie

  6. Andrew

    Now you can have summer popsicles by choice instead of necessity, you can cut your hair short just because, and, if you feel queasy, it might just be love…congrats on avoiding chemo, king of queasy and thinning hair…


  7. Steph

    Woohoo!! Wonderful news. 🙂 (And I’m not one to indulge in smiley faces…)

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