2 responses to “Exercise Caution”

  1. Lymphedema Treatment

    Another great example of the danger that can accompany notion sthat are not thorougly tested in the medical field. Fantastic post!

  2. Mary Peckham

    I was initially freaked out by the warnings of lymphedema. Especially when, during my surgical intake, the nurse started to take “the last blood sample ever” from the arm that would be affected, but went for the WRONG arm. Reassured by my surgeon’s taking very few nodes, and reluctant to start freaking out over every little post-op thing, I’ve taken the dire warnings with the proverbial grain of salty sweat, kept on with my grocery lifting and swimming and pushups, and haven’t experienced any complications. When the diagnosis comes, and we are most intensely processing volumes of scary information, the tone in which medical material is couched is especially helpful or damaging.

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