I’m a journalist who specializes in health and nutrition. During the past 20 years, my work has appeared in dozens of national magazines and online venues. I got my start as a fact checker at Mother Jones, Health, and Sunset magazines. Those early years spent researching, means I deliver accurate, clear prose that is supported by the latest medical evidence.

In 2018, my queer, feminist memoir, FLAT: Reclaiming My Body from Breast Cancer, was published by Skyhorse. FLAT is a thought-provoking, feminist unpacking of the decision whether or not to reconstruct after mastectomy. It is the book I desperately needed but couldn’t find when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. My long-form work continues to explore the impact of Western medicine’s paternalism and protectionism on women’s health.

I was raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and received a degree in magazine journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri. These days I’m based in Somerville, Massachusetts.