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  1. Kayleigh

    OMG, I was screaming yes at the end of nearly every sentence! I have been DREADING this month and all the “pinkness” it entails. And I thought it was just me that got annoyed at the whole goody bag thing, lol.

    Your depiction of a man going thru a baby blue version was hysterical and made the point perfectly.

    Thank you for this post…I’m one of your three loyal readers 😉 (tho I suspect there are actually MANY more!)

    1. pinkisnotmycolor

      Kayleigh: Thanks for chiming in and thanks for being one of my loyal readers!

  2. Lyrehca

    Another one of your readers here–have you seen this Boston Globe Magazine piece on the same topic as this post:


    1. pinkisnotmycolor

      Lyrehca: Yes, I did read that BG piece. Perfect. Thanks for mentioning it!

  3. Katie

    I was researching this topic for a paper and found an article about this very thing from Harpers – about infantilizing women. The author made a similar point — we don’t give men with prostate cancer Matchbox cars.

    1. pinkisnotmycolor

      Katie: Yes, Barbara Ehrenreich’s witty, articulate, and spot-on essay– “Welcome to Cancerland” –offers a lifeboat for all breast cancer patients who feel assaulted by pink. I first read it in Harper’s Magazine years ago and then a friend sent it to me after learning of my diagnosis last winter. Ehrenreich has long been one of my writing heros (I want to be just like her when I grow up), and I found great strength in reading her take on what she calls “the cult of pink kitsch” Click here to go to Breast Cancer Action and download the article.

  4. Nikki

    I can identify with a lot of your feelings as I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma last April 2008, and have also been thru surgeries, chemo & radiation. Would like to talk to you more since we shared a locker our Senior year (AHS ’89). Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Nan

    thanks for once again piercing through the glossy bubble around breast cancer to expose the true experience. I always appreciate your willingness to share your observations and expertise. … but still maintain it would have been better had you never had to become “the expert.” Hugs from CA.

  6. Evelyn Spence

    Christie Aschwanden told me about your blog so I’ve been reading it, and I love your perspective and your humor and your honesty. I just wanted to say hello!! You’re an inspiration.

  7. Jana McNally

    Thank you for articulating so well what I wasn’t quite sure was bothering me about the pink thing, but there on your blog I found the answer. It is the “branding” of everything in the culture including life threatening deseases and the “one size fits all” mentality (or one color as the case may be). My son died from leukemia 6 years ago and had his disease been branded as yours is, it would have made the experience even more excruciating. Thank you for your words. I’m a friend of your sister, Ginny’s.
    Jana McNally

  8. Beth

    I had to buy pink Emergen-C today because it was my only option. I’m sorry. I felt like I was betraying you. But unfortunately, really needed some vitamin C.

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