Finally: Going Flat in The New York Times


Last night, a friend emailed me a link to a New York Times story with the note: “Why your book should be published! Now it’s a trend!” I clicked on the link. Held my breath. Then did a double take.

Was this a Halloween trick?

Was I dreaming?

Holy Shit!

Flat Folks Represent!

The story was Roni Caryn Rabin’s smart, thoughtful, carefully constructed piece about women who choose not to reconstruct after breast cancer. As I read the piece, scrolling through the stunning photographs, I braced myself for the worst — insensitive quotes, medical misogyny, and ill-informed rhetoric — but it never materialized.

Instead, Rabin made several points I’ve been making for years:

  • Reconstruction is not as simple as it sounds
  • Sky-high complication rates are breast reconstructions “dirty little secret”
  • Going flat challenges long-held assumptions about femininity, which is why…
  • Many physicians don’t inform women that going flat is an option

I will say more on this soon…but this is a game changer folks! HUZZAH!!!

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