Day 14: Round 2

The second round of chemo knocked me down. Hard. I also had a cold, which REALLY didn’t help. That said, I’ve bounced back pretty darn well and am enjoying life, along with a new sense of hairless normalcy, before the next hit-and-run. Speaking of, an older driver swerved sideways into me and Mary as we drove to Indy for chemo two weeks ago. (Yeah, I know. Could my day have gotten any worse?) Luckily, everyone was fine. Well, except our poor car, which sustained $4,000 worth of damage and is still recovering at the body shop. We made it to chemo 30 minutes late only to have the check-in nurse tell me that my appointment was scheduled for the day before and I’d missed it. WTF?!? I still don’t know what happened with that screw up, but they worked me into the chemo rotation, I got my 3-hour infusion and we limped home in the battered (but running) car. Let’s just hope things go a little more smoothly next time.

5 Responses

  1. Dear Catherine,

    It is good to hear that the “Guthrie” constitution is kicking in when it’s needed. I’m pleased to hear the update.

    Best wishes,

    Cathie Guthrie

  2. Christie says:

    Thinking of you Catherine.

    sending a smile and hug…

  3. Elyce says:

    Well, you are into oneupswomanship indeed! I can’t top that. My sympathies. Hope your sense of humor keeps up a good pace against the yuck. What a wild ride it is.

  4. Georgia Frey says:

    Hi Catherine, I was so sorry to hear of your recurrence. There’s nothing more eloquent to say than “cancer sucks”. I’d be happy to serve as a resource or sounding board if you want to talk about the chemo and/or radiation. I’ve been making a list of “the things they don’t tell you” regarding those treatments. For example, no one told me that all my nose hair would fall out and my nose would run constantly! Anyway, it sounds like you have wonderful supports and that’s so very important. I am thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts.

    Cheers, Georgia (from beginner yoga)

  5. Nan says:

    ugggh! here’s hoping round three has less trauma in store. best to you!