FLAT Update

Yee-haw! FLAT has a cover! I hope you like it as much as I do. Hopefully, the title on the physical cover will be “debossed,” which is the opposite of embossed. That means it’ll have a sunken texture, just like me. (Am I hilarious or what?) Okay, so FLAT’s pub date is only 22 weeks away. But why wait when you can pre-order from your local bookseller, IndieBound, or here? Can’t wait to share this with the world. But the nerves are kicking in and they are no joke. Here’s to six more months of sleepless nights (clink).




2 Responses

  1. Kay Wiggins says:

    Catherine, I’m excited to read your book, but it must have been a harrowing journey that got you to the place where you could write your story. I have such fond memories of our Kripalu experience back in ’02 (can it really be that long ago?!) and then a subsequent interview you did with me on fasting. Are you teaching any yoga classes these days? I’m sending you bright Rainbows of Love & Light and hope our paths cross again sometime. If you ever need a place to get away for a few days, know you’re always welcome in Arkansas! Many Blessings, Kay