Spoke too soon

Oy, I finished radiation and immediately got walking pneumonia. I know…I’m the luckiest girl you know, right? Apparently radiation to the chest wall makes one more vulnerable to the lung crud. So I hacked myself silly for two weeks, during which time I barely crawled out of bed and had to bug out of some assignments. But, thank goodness, a round of antibiotics did the trick and I’m feeling MUCH better. My immune system needs some serious TLC, but I recovered just in time to go on a hiking trip with Mary and my family over Thanksgiving, so I’m grateful for small favors, as my grandmother used to say, “bigger ones solicited.”

2 Responses

  1. Elyce says:

    I’d been wondering how things were going for you. So sorry you got pneumonia! Adding insult to injury, isn’t it? My radiation ended at the end of September, and I’m still having ongoing swelling, redness, and pain. Such joy this is. And oh the joys of Tamoxifen-induced mood swings. But anyhow, so glad you got to hike despite the crud. Hope you feel better daily and do better with patience than I do!

  2. Nan says:

    : ( and : )