Stranger Than Fiction

Believe it or not, I’m appearing as a guest on The Oprah Show tomorrow, May 12th. The show is a final tribute to Dr. Oz, and I’m on talking¬†(very briefly)¬†about my botched mastectomy. Might as well make lemonade out of that awfulness, right? I know, I know…why the hell haven’t I blogged about this? Especially given that Mary and I flew to Chicago two weeks ago to tape the show!!! Well, because I signed a strongly worded legal document agreeing not to blog, write, or otherwise report on my “O” experience. So, no, you won’t be reading any behind-the-scenes “O” scuttlebutt here. And, hopefully, this post won’t land me in hot water. BUT I wanted to let y’all know in case you wanted to tune in and share in this very surreal experience with me.

10 Responses

  1. Nan & Tom says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Tim says:

    Hey Catherine,

    Christie told me you’d be on O today. My father-in-
    law was on the show years ago promoting a book and I think he’d concur with the word “surreal.”

    Hope you’re doing well. Best, Tim

  3. She Dupree says:

    I guess it’s already been taped, so I shouldn’t wish you “good luck”, but will be spreading the word about your courage. Though I’m sure that’s nothing compared to what 10 min on Oprah will do for disseminating your story. You may want to tell your host to be prepared for an influx of hits to your blog…..;-)

  4. Yeidy says:

    Saw it! You looked great! So, what is next?

  5. Lentil Mary says:

    I rarely watch Oprah (although her magazine is a glossy diversion-gift from a friend I thoroughly enjoy each month), but happened to read the crucial blog entry last night in time to set the DVR, and just watched the footage of your national television debut (or am I presuming?). Having not met you in real time, I was delighted to see who you are. You looked fantastic, were very poised (especially since you went first, and then had to stand around while everyone else told their tales) and did GREAT. I was pleased to hear that the experience allowed the anger to dissipate somewhat; having met the practitioner in question in a similarly intimate way, I am glad if you’ve arrived at that, or something similar, in such a short time (I DO hope there is a transfer of money, or something valuable to you, involved!).

    I had lunch with a psychologist-friend today, and, a year after my diagnosis and treatment, am feeling shaky tonight about how I am “adjusting” to the whole-new-world-as-survivor. What I took away from the show, much of which I skimmed, is how empowering it is to so many people to have someone tell them “you are the expert on your body/physical experience/health.” Not much in our current medical experience gives us that power. Now you are part of that! Congrats!

  6. Nan & Tom says:

    Nice job on Oprah. My favorite part: just seeing you! It’s been a long time… and you look fabulous. Mary – I looked for you in the audience but came up short. I hope you got your Neti Pots! Love, Nan

  7. Jody says:

    Hi Cath!

    You did a great job on Oprah — must have been tough to be the first one to talk in the group. Most importantly, you looked wonderful. I miss you!


  8. Cass says:


    You don’t know me, but my sister is Cathy Smith (Davis), went to UCD with Mary (we may have met at some UCD gathering). Anyway, she told me your story and sent me your blog a few months ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every update. I’ve participated in the Breast Cancer 3-day walk three times and have been very inspired by the women and families that have been affected by breast cancer. For so many years I’ve been able to say “I don’t know anyone with breast cancer”, but sadly as I get older my 6 degrees of separation has dwindled to 1 degree.
    When Cathy told me your story I was curious, amazed, intrigued with your journey and the way you are able to share in words the process of dealing with all your decissions. You are an amazing writer and I look forward to reading your blog. I love your metaphors and humor, your pure honesty and emotion. It’s real. Keep it up.
    Then, when Cathy called me yesterday to say you were going to be on Oprah I was sooo excited (and nervous) for you!! I’m a die hard Oprah fan, sorry, so I would have seen you without the heads up (and freaked for sure), so to me this was really amazing. I always think, if you want your story told (or want to sell a lot of chicken) go on Oprah!! And you did, wow! You were great, looked fabulous, and spoke so well. I loved Dr. Oz’s face…he was crushed when you told him they missed the tumor. I’m glad you got a hug and kiss from him a the end, I was routing for you!
    Well, just wanted to say thanks for the blogging, I’ll keep reading! Now that I’ve made some contact with you, I don’t feel so voyeuristic… : ) Tell Mary HI from San Diego!

  9. kim says:

    You did a beautiful job and it was so lovely to see you! Thanks for the heads up.

  10. Natalie says:

    aahhhh, what a powerful soul you have. I missed seeing the show, but what an inspiration and sigh of relief you must have been (will continue to be) for so many people out in this expansive “Oprah watching world” who want and yearn to listen more to their bodies. I saw the pics and read the copy on the website – very cool, i have to say. I mean, really? Oprah? I can just hear the two of you all giggling and having the best time of that experience. You are Gift to us all. much love and hope to get Emma and Buddy together soon, not to mention the three of us!